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Make Your Grocery Shopping Eco Friendly

Who knew grocery shopping could be so, wasteful. Even the produce aisle those little plastic bags to put all your vegetables and fruit in them I never realized it until I started paying more attention to what I bought and what I put in my body. When I go shopping now I’m way more cautious of what I bring into my home and how my purchase affects the environment. Here are some of the changes I’ve made to make my shopping greener.

Look For Reusable Items

I try to avoid plastics but they even wrap some cucumbers in plastic now as if they don’t have protective skin around them. When possible I avoid plastic and all costs. Instead, I try to buy things in jars that I reuse for a variety of things mostly plants. If it doesn’t come in a jar a cardboard box is ideal for my compost.

Reusable Produce Bags & Grocery Bags

I find that my reusable bags fit more than the bags the grocery store offer. I try my best to remember my bags and get everything that I need when I’m at the store, however, I’m human I forget things. When I do forget I collect the bags and next time I’m at a Harris Teeter I drop my plastic bags off so they don’t end up in the landfill.

Buy Sparingly

I hate to say this but I don’t know what I’ll eat sometimes. I used to go to the store and buy a ton of food with hopes that I’ll eat it but I won’t. Now, I find a recipe that sounds good to me and purchases items for that recipe then I restock on staples as well as some snacks that I love. That way everything gets used and if it wasn’t used right away it’s frozen or non-perishable so I don’t have to worry about it going bad quickly.

This is why now it takes me a bit longer to go grocery shopping and there’s some prep work that goes into it. It paid off in my fridge a well as my wallet I spend less money because I think before I buy, I enjoy my food more because I no longer think about just satisfying the hunger but fueling my body and I no longer feel guilty about my purchase I know what I bought didn’t hurt the environment.

I hope you felt inspired to go a little greener in your daily life and if you’d like follow me on Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for visiting!

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