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Cleanse Your Aura Of Negative Energy

When the air in the room feels tight, your mood is off and you can’t put your finger on what is wrong. There could be an issue going on with your vibe and something could be draining you. Today we’ll talk about things that bring negativity into your life, what are the signs of negativity, and how to cleanse your aura of negative energy.

What Is A Aura?

Your aura is an invisible field that surrounds living things1. Everyone and anything that is living can and does have an aura and your aura has many colors that an aura that can give you insight into how you are feeling or the energy that you may or not bring. It’s not always possible to view your aura or anyone else’s with the naked eye but you can almost always feel it.

Signs Of A Negative Aura

While this may vary for a few people but some of the main factors of having a negative aura are:

Why You Should Cleanse Your Aura

Clearing out the negative energy in your aura can be beneficial in so many ways. Here are the most common although results may vary.

How To Cleanse Your Aura

There are multiple ways to cleanse your aura, We will cover the 3 most common ways to clear your aura.

Cleanse With Smoke

One of the more popular ways to cleanse your aura is with smoke. Although sage is the most common for aura cleansing you can use any herbs that you want to use to bring the energy you desire. For bringing in positive energy sage is the most popular in this case. You can also use:

When you want to use this method place the herbs in a fireproof bowl and light the herbs. Begin to move the smoke around your body making sure to get your mind, ears, and mouth to think, hear, and speak only good things about yourself and others.

Using Water

This by far is my favorite method, I love a bath, and coming out with a new one is amazing. Here’s how I like to do it.

  1. Use the water from the shower head to wash away the negative energy as you use it to wash away your day.
  2. Rinse and wash off that negative energy. Then fill the tub up with water and any herbs that energy you want to harvest into your spirit and have them wash over you.
  3. Fill the mind and body up with positive affirmations and create a loving atmosphere with the emotions you want to spread throughout your body.

Sit and vibe with the energy that you created for however long that you would like until you have fully absorbed it.

Spend time in nature

When you need to feel grounded and at peace go spend some time in nature and among the trees. There are a slew of benefits of being outside like improving your mood, reducing stress, getting some amazing vitamin D, and helping you be more active which is known to help improve your mood and mental clarity. This all affects your aura so please take a walk outside if you can.

Taking a moment to cleanse your aura after absorbing negative energy helps reset your mind and puts you in positive head space. I hope this helps you on your journey and I’ll see you in the next one.

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