How I Keep My Mind Calm

There are moments in my life that stresses me out. As with all of us some things are just triggering like a stressful job, troubles in your relationships, or whatever brings you stress. For me personally, when I’m overwhelmed I get frantic I run around like a chicken with my head cut off then I sit and cry for hours. It’s my process but it’s not in my best interest. When I get manic I have a few activities that help keep me grounded and calm my mind so I can focus on the task at hand without my mind crumbling. Today we’ll talk about those practices and why they’re beneficial.


Yoga is not for exercise, not when practiced in the traditional sense. Yoga is the practice of connecting the mind to the body and having a spiritual, enlightening moment. So when I’m on my mat I’m not worried about burning calories or perfecting my form although it does cross my mind. Instead, my focus is on my breathing and calming my own mind. It’s just me and my mat, no one else.

Healthy eating

When I eat healthily I feel better this is just me, I bloat so bad when I eat fried foods and I feel more hungry than I do when I eat veggies. Not to mention my body aches and it makes me worry about what the foods are doing to me. To keep me at peace I make sure that while I treat myself it’s on occasion, not a habit.

Remain social

When I have too much going on in my head I tend to go into my sanctuary and not leave for some time. Last time I went in I lasted a year only talking to one friend regularly. I try not to do it anymore because it’s often so hard to get out of the space. When I finally decided to be more outgoing and social it felt as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders I didn’t feel like I was pretending or anything like that it was just a “finally” moment and I don’t feel any pressure I’m excited to be amongst people and even more relaxed when I go home.

Do things that make me happy

For a long time, I couldn’t do things that I enjoyed. I was stressed and really unhappy one thing that did make me very happy was getting my nails done. It makes me beyond happy to walk out with a fresh set that’s extra-long, as well as little treats like buying a new top or shoes make me happy whatever makes you feel better do it, so long as you’re not hurting anyone(animals included).

No judgement

Taking the time and wondering what others are doing with their lives or otherwise is none of my concerns. I have a new motto if I start caring about what they (people) in general are doing or when people try to bring me into their drama I remember 3 things ” Are they healthy? Are they happy? and they’re leaving their best life” That’s it the rest is not my business.

Setting Boundaries

I started to really set boundaries with people it doesn’t matter how small it is, I set them. Whether it be with my coworkers or no people I don’t want to put myself in an uncomfortable position just to appear friendly. I keep my boundaries so I feel safe and respected and let the other pieces fall where they may.

This is just how I keep myself sane, I wonder how you guys do it for yourselves . Let me know in the comments.

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