Melanin: The Vegan Hair Care Brand I’ve Been Asking For

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Most of the time when it comes to black-owned hair products I haven’t had the best luck with them. Melanin hair care is geared toward the natural hair community. They’re often very hydrating and thick since my hair is not natural. I often come out looking greasy or my hair becomes overly saturated.

The other day I was at ULTA to restock my self-care cabinet looking for vegan-friendly brands. I came across Melanin a black hair care line by chance. My hair has been very dry and was in desperate need of TLC I picked it up. Today I will tell you a little about the company then we’ll go into my thoughts on the conditioner.

The Melanin Brand

Melanin was created by two sisters Whitney and Taffeta White. They wanted to create a natural, safe hair care line that was good for the scalp and your hair. The natural ingredients used have been verified through the Environmental Working Group to make sure they are non-toxic.
The company’s promise is “We care what goes into our products. It took six long years to find the right manufacturers with the patience and know-how to work with us on creating the safest hair products possible. We will not settle, and every single ingredient is thoroughly researched for safety and performance. If we wouldn’t put it in our hair, or our children’s hair we will not put it in our bottle. “


I went on Whitney’s Instagram page and saw a lot of hair tutorials using her products and all-natural DIYs. It’s very clear that she practices what she preaches and that’s amazing to see.

The Review

The product that I got was the Multi-use Softening Leave-in Conditioner. I keep my hair care routine as simple as possible. So Leave-in conditioner is my go-to when I need a moisture boost and to help my hair shine.

With most of the conditioners I use, especially with products directed towards natural hair, it leaves my hair very saturated and it takes a while for it to absorb properly. Then my hair looks dry and dull within two days so it gets tiring and based on my past experiences, my expectations weren’t very high for this product.

I put the product on my wet hair and it absorbed instantly like it was designed for me! The next day the morning comes and I start to finger comb my hair out. It fell down like I did a silk wrap. It was nice, soft, and shiny I didn’t really have to bump my hair because it looked good. My hair wasn’t sticky although it did feel slightly oily it wasn’t bad. Even after two days didn’t feel dry or look dull like it did sometimes with Cantu. However, Cantu did keep my hair slick unlike this brand did but it is a conditioner, not a styling product.

Over-all, it’s a good product I’d give it 3.5 stars only because it was a bit greasy. I also love the fact that it’s vegan and black-owned I would love to find more brands like this. If you know any drop them in the comments below. And if you’re interested in purchasing this product follow the link here.

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