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5 Things You Don’t Have To Do To Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

I feel like the number one thing that turns people away from living a sustainable lifestyle is they think it’s too hard and so expensive, which is funny because I spend less since adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Anyway, I thought it would be helpful to tell you guys what you don’t HAVE to do to live more sustainably, although it’s helpful the difference is minimal so you might as well not. So here’s my list.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability has become more of a buzzword and companies have taken it upon themselves to tell you how to be sustainable while selling you unsustainable products. According to Oxford Languages Sustainability means the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

In short, it’s just living with less or using less in order to maintain balance with the world. It’s just that. If you have to use diapers but instead of using the disposable ones, you use the reusable option, guest what? That’s sustainability! It’s not complicated and for me, it’s a lot more wallet-friendly too.

Crazy Sustainability “Hacks”

Let’s get into what are some nice but not necessary to live a more sustainable life. If you do any of these hacks that’s amazing I don’t mean to shame, some of these I have even tried some myself my point is just to let people know that you don’t have to have to do anything outside of using less to be sustainable. If you want to know how I live sustainability you can read that here for everyone else let’s read on.

Save pasta water

Make your own soap/detergent

Hand Wash Clothes

Give Up Toilet Paper

Spend Loads Of Money

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